What is hot yoga

What is hot yoga


If you are not familiar with yoga, you most likely do not know what hot yoga is. The truth is that hot yoga is a style of yoga that is performed with high heat and humidity. This type of yoga was once known as Bikram yoga. Here are some basic facts about hot yoga that you might not have actually known about it.


26 poses overall


The use of the hot yoga is going to combine 26 different poses of yoga. It is done with a forceful workout that is going to use a number of different muscles to contract the muscles and put them to work. The heat is made to make you sweat while working out with all 26 different poses.


Heat Is not for everyone


If you are thinking about working out with hot yoga, you should know that you should consult with your local physician before attempting any type of workout to make sure that it is safe for you to do when you are under the care of a doctor. If you have any type of health condition, you should always make sure that you are clear to perform certain tasks in yoga.


Yoga can be hard work


Because yoga is done with all the different poses combined into one workout, you want to be prepared to work hard. You should keep a bottle of water beside you at all times while doing the yoga exercises. You do not want to get dehydrated while working out. You should keep it right beside you so when you have a moment you are able to quickly take a sip and return back to your workout.


Heatstroke is possible


Just like in the middle of summer when the heat is in full force, you want to be cautious while working out. You are not outside in the extreme temperatures but getting your body moving at a high temperature can cause a heatstroke if you are not careful.


When to avoid hot yoga


When it comes to sitting out on the hot yoga, there are some people who should not participate in the workout program. One of those specific types of people is pregnant women. You should not participate in hot yoga while pregnant because it can cause not only harm to yourself but can cause harm to the baby. If you want to participate in yoga while you are pregnant then you should skip the hot yoga class and take a more traditional one or take one that specializes in yoga during pregnancy.