Yoga for Back Pain

With the discussions that we have in Yoga, one thing came up that I’d like to mention here.

Yoga is really about a lifestyle. Many people simply look at it as a workout program.

However if you spend any time doing it, you will realize the deep level of satisfaction that comes out of a vigorous yoga workout.

For years I struggled with major back pain, and it really was through yoga specifically the stretching and elongating of the muscles that most of the pain went away.

When I started yoga actually committed to 90 days of one and a half hours per week of yoga. And it truly changed my life.

I went from having chronic pain that was so severe that I could barely get out of bed at times to being able to walk well and feeling.

I have some herniated disc is in the bottom of my back spinal cord.

It is not a fun thing. When I was younger I was a gymnast and I felt invincible.

As I got older however I really ended up paying for my youthful physical sins. It’s hard when you get older and you realize that there’s no turning the clock back.I have gone to doctors and gotten injections in my back and tried all kinds of things to lower the pain level. However, nothing is seem to work quite like yoga. I think it makes the very small muscles deep within your musculature work. At the same time and also elongate muscles and causes you to be more flexible.

Remember when you could bite your toenails off with your teeth? All little kids can touch their face to their feet. But as we get older, the flexibility simply goes away.

I really feel like the half-moon pose extends the IT band in the muscles that cause the construction in my lower back.

If you were struggling with lower back pain, then I would focus on that exercise at first. Over time you can get a little bit more aggressive with your stretch, and can add twisting crescent pose.

I believe also that the upward dog to downward dog position also helps strengthen the muscles that are engaged in your lower back and your abdomen. Once you strengthen those areas then it also seems to alleviate some of the pain. Here are some stretches to deal with this, also I wanted to thank Tony at Extreme Attractions for the help you gave us recently. Here’s a huge shout-out.

It can all be dealt with depending on what you are committed to.  So commit to making your spine strong, your head strong and your heart strong.